Mobile billboard advertising is the perfect means to reach your target markets whenever and wherever you want to. It made it possible for businesses (big or small) to take their message out on the streets by using different types of vehicles to roam major cities at times that they feel might work for them. Plus, mobile billboard advertising is a lot more inexpensive if compared to traditional forms of advertising media.

Mobile billboard advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that uses mobile advertising trucks and other types of vehicles to drive on certain locations, preferably the crowded ones, while life-sized printed vinyl banners sit on top of their flatbeds. Mobile advertising trucks usually set to roam the streets of major cities or where there are large numbers of crowds.

So, why settle for this when there are clearly other popular means (e.g. newspaper and television) of advertising? Well, the reason is pretty simple if you're going to base it on advertising cost. Mobile billboard advertising is a lot cheaper. And you'll really get your money's worth because this is highly effective in catching the attention of your target market. Most people have high retention rates to interactive displays compared to static billboards. Your message is also effectively spread out during rush hours, traffic jams, and other major public events. And mobile advertising vehicles are able to gain access to zones that are not normally offered to giant outdoor fixed billboards.

There are plenty of types of mobile billboards in the market these days. But the most common is the mobile truck with printed vinyl materials on them. Aside from the static advertising medium, it also has a lighting system and external audio devices, which could playback music or messages continuously as they drive through the streets.

A more high-tech option that you could also consider is the Digital Mobile Billboards (DMB). This type of mobile advertising billboards is the practically the most versatile of their kind. Digital Mobile Billboards could take the form of a small and simple device that displays LED texts on top of a taxi cab. Or it could also have a large (and I mean large) LED flat screen television mounted on the sides of a trailer truck. Some DMBs are even equipped with live concert T.V. systems and other audio technology equipments, which would come in handy during live marketing events or concerts.

When it comes to the question of how much is the advertising costs of these things, the answer would largely depend on different major factors. You have to take into account the number and type of mobile trucks you need, duration of your campaign, strategic locations, local tax rates, and other additional features that you want. To know more about mobile billboard advertising costs and other must-know information, make sure to do your research both online and offline.


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